“He will leave the Board of Directors of “RussNeft”

– The Board of Directors of RussNeft at an extraordinary meeting on November 17 will consider the issue of exclusion from the Mikhail Shishkhanov, the company said.

All the other 12 members of the Board of Directors of the company included in the list of candidates for re-election, namely: General Director of JSC “Financial group “Safmar” Vahram Mirakyan, the company’s founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company Mikhail Gutseriev, General Director of “Forteinvest” said Gutseriev, co-owner of BIN group Sait-Salam Gutseriev, General Director of neftisa Andrei Zarubin, Vice President for corporate relations of “RussNeft” Dmitry Romanov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the investment company UNITER Andrew Derech, rector of Gubkin Russian state University of oil and gas. Gubkin Victor Martynov, Robert Jacob Skidelsky, the former head of the audit chamber Sergei Stepashin, the Manager on foreign trade activities of Glencore Vladimir Scherbak, head of delegation, Director, legal Department, Glencore Ian Tikhonov.

Earlier it was reported that he filed a statement of withdrawal from the Board of Directors of OJSC “M. Video” . For the re-election of the Board of Directors of “M. Video” shall convene an extraordinary meeting of shareholders which will be held on December 18, the register closes October 27.

He is the nephew of Mikhail Gutseriev, who is the main owner of the controlling shareholder “M. Video” group Safmar. He is also the largest owner of the Bank , in early September, Mikail Shishkhanov has asked the Central Bank to reorganize it.

The authorized capital of “RussNeft” is 196,22 million. It is divided into 294,12 million shares of common stock and 98,032 million preferred shares with par value of 50 cents each. According to the results of IPO in late November, the Gutseriev family owns 60% of the share capital (47% of the ordinary shares), a trader Glencore plc control 25% of the capital (33% of the ordinary shares), free float – 20% of the ordinary shares (15% of the share capital).

At the end of November 2016 Belyrian Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries, the beneficial owners of which are members of the family Gutseriev, sold on the Moscow stock exchange 20% of the ordinary shares of “RussNeft” (15% of the share capital).

In particular, Belyrian Holdings Ltd sold of 6.41% of the ordinary shares owned directly. Also, sellers made by its subsidiaries – Bradinor Holdings Ltd (5,426%) and Cromeld Management Ltd (7,48%), who are no longer shareholders of “RussNeft”.

Information about the customers, neither the company nor the organizers of the transaction were not disclosed.

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