“Her telepathic part gets”: as evidenced by the diary attacked “Echo of Moscow”

Email “diary” Boris grits written in English. These records are relevant to the problems of getting a job in Israel (according to the records, the man wanted to get a programmer).

Drawing from the diary of Boris.

So, in a record dated 21 June he says: “the Work was supposed to start from 1 April. And today I unexpectedly received an official letter from the Ministry of science and technology [Israel], from the Department of planning and control with the explanation that they decided to reject the application for the grant, because their testing showed: I still haven’t started to work. These are the Israelis and how they behave!” And earlier, on may 28, appeared this entry: “the Last two months (with the exception of a short hiatus due to a heart attack) I checked the options for the court, referred to earlier. Here are two complaints against DMV [probably refers to the Department of motor vehicles. — “MK” in ber Sheva, where I was given wrong information about the change of foreign license for driving a truck on the Israeli…; against the state of Israel for the violation of my right to decent work in 2012-2017″

And there is another English entry: “02/06/16. My computer was hacked. For this reason, had to stop work. Re: your misunderstanding that all the time you invade my private life, reached a goal.” And even after a month (already in Russian): “12/07/16. Don’t know how to convey to this friend: her telepathic resistant part gets scary. Ster “Russian balance” to get rid of the expectations and contact. I’m sorry, but my peace is more important to me. This is the consequence, Tatiana (+ those who continue prudently to walk to my computer). Think about it…”

Andrey Conflict



That may be the cause of aggressive behavior, “MK” told the Deputy chief physician of the Scientific center of mental health, V. RYAKHOVSKY.

— Vyacheslav, what diseases and conditions can provoke aggressive behaviour?

A well — known personality classification of personality types: choleric, sanguine, melancholic, phlegmatic. Psychiatrists have a deeper gradation of the personality types: schizoid, cycloid, asteniki, paranoid, etc. But, for example, people with personality disorders and the prevalence of emotionally unstable type can be prone to impulsive actions in response to some external provocation. They make decisions quickly, they are spontaneous, energetic and intemperate, so that you can produce an act of aggression. The second option — affective disorder, and aggression when it is most common in the manic state, accompanied by irritability, anger, temper and violent behavior.

In addition, there are the psychotic disorders — psychosis. The most famous is schizophrenia. It is extremely multifaceted, complex disease, the manifestations of which range from light to heavy rough disorders of psychosis, which can threaten the life of patients and those around them.

— Is there aggression without mental illness?

Behavioral aggression in everyday situations should be regarded primarily as a response to what someone is trying to break the man’s welfare. If you are being attacked, and you start to fight, is a protective reaction.

— Anger can cause and psychoactive substances?

— Yes, including when deprived of the person who has developed dependence. Against the background of such substances occurs a deformation of the personality.

— Can talk about a symptom when a person thinks that somebody acts at a distance?

— This is definitely one of the important symptoms of a psychotic disorder, a classic symptom of psychosis. But the diagnosis one symptom, of course, can not deliver.

Ekaterina Pichugina


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