How to protect journalists: why security let the perp on “Echo of Moscow”

The circumstances of the attack, Boris grits on the radio station “Echo of Moscow” forced to think: a reliable guard who was on duty at the entrance to every office building? “MK” checked as it is arranged monitoring the visitors of the house 11 along the street New Arbat, where the company is located.

photo: Leo Speransky
Alexander Usachev was slightly wounded in the arm.

The end common to all organizations that are in the entrance of the building. The left front, which usually sit at the two guards, to the right of the turnstile (permanent employees is applied to it electronic pass, and the guests start applications or lists, which are compiled in advance, or by a phone call). Directly on the table security is the internal phone, dials a number, and then handed the phone to the guard and he was already pressing a button on the turnstile light up the green signal, you can pass. Bypassing the turnstiles, not everyone can immediately easy to navigate and understand where are the elevators. They are located at the corner and not visible from the guard.

A guard who sits on the General entrance, usually the weakest, says a source in Regardie. – Because it is paid out of pocket total of all organizations, which are located in the building. And at seven nurses the child, as you know, no eyes. And generally such protection is more not created in order to prevent pass someone, but just to advise — what floor and where is one or the other firm, Agency, etc. It is more like a facade. Key requirements: have to have tidy people who are quiet all would be clear. Rush to intercept the criminals, like as not part of their job, they will not risk their lives. But to raise the alarm, which would lock the Elevator doors or doors to specific institutions that it is possible. This is not possible (blocking) the bottom was not….

Curiously, the guard Alexander Usachev, who was on the 14th floor and hired directly by the radio station “Echo of Moscow” is considered a seasoned professional. According to the journalists, it’s the best of their security. He quickly managed to disarm and detain the offender until the police arrive.

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