Hunters protected from the naturalist: the court allowed to carve carcasses in the woods

To make life easier for owners of hunting grounds decided by the Supreme court. With the filing of the servants of Themis, they will no longer be fined because the hunters cut up the carcass of dead animals in the woods.


As told “MK” the President of Rosokhotrybolovsoyuz Tatiana Aramileva, in the sun the lawsuit asked the hunters from Karelia. They demanded to abolish the order of the Ministry. The document lists the many duties to be borne by the owners is used for hunting land. So, they had to equip their possessions stopping points, shooting ranges, storage for feed and grain, as well as kennels for dogs, houses for hunters and points for cutting carcasses of dead animals. It is this latter responsibility became a subject of dispute. In his complaint to the sun hunters, wrote that the auditors of the Rosselkhoznadzor regularly fined them a huge amount up to 200 thousand rubles — for the fact that the rooms and tables for cutting up carcasses look “like something is wrong.” While there is no law that stipulates how they should look and what they do should be. However, the officials every time prescribed penalties and referred to the fact that the cut of a boar or a hare in the middle of the forest is extremely dangerous and can result in epidemics. To seek the protection of the hunters had in the Supreme court. He stood to their side. Moreover, in its decision, the Supreme judge pointed out that the rules of order of the Ministry of environment is essentially “dead”. After the summer of this year was adopted a new order of the Cabinet, which excluded points for butchering from the list of hunting infrastructure. However, the inspectors from the veterinary departments still continued to use outdated rules and forced the owners of hunting grounds to pay fines.

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