In Bashkiria the Deputy killed the wife for foul language

In Ishimbay area militiamen detained the Deputy of the local Council, who in drunken showdown several times, stabbed her husband. The poor died at the scene.


In law enforcement bodies of the Republic on 22 October 2017, reported that near the house found the body of a man with signs of violent death, according to the website management SK the Russian Federation across Bashkiria.

Field investigators have quickly established the person suspected of committing a crime. It was the wife of the deceased member of the local Council.

According to investigators, on the night of October 22, the couple celebrated the birthday of the relatives and returned home drunk. Home 47-year-old woman asked her husband if he loves her, but in the answer has heard obscene abuse. The defendant then repeatedly struck him with a knife. From the received wounds the 48-year-old victim died.

Now the MP is detained, she had been charged with murder. A forensic medical examination to establish the cause of death of the victim. The criminal investigation continues.

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