In Italy, the girl with the “bloody sweat” was in the hospital

In Italy, the hospitalized 21-year-old girl suffering from a rare disease – hematidrosis. In this disease, the blood mixed with sweat and seeping through the pores of the skin.


A resident of Italy was in the hospital after the skin on her face and the palms began to ooze blood. Any wounds the girl has not been recorded, reports The Independent.

The Italian is suffering from the disease for three years and can not understand what is causing the strange bleeding, seizures which last from one to five minutes. Because of his illness, the girl began to live in seclusion, which only increased depression and panic disorder.

One-in-ten million condition causes this woman to excrete blood instead of sweat

— The Independent (@Independent) October 23, 2017

The doctors came to the conclusion that the patient suffers from a rare disease – hematidrosis in which the blood literally seeps through the skin with sweat from damaged blood vessels.

As a result, the girl was prescribed a course of drugs aimed at strengthening the vascular system and reducing stress, easing her condition.

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