Makarevich appealed to liberals: Stalin won the war

The leader of the group “time Machine” Andrey Makarevich said that the attitude of the Germans to Adolf Hitler could be quite different if Germany had won the war in the Soviet Union. About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

“Oh, can you imagine how much shit will kick your ass. And yet. The patriots come into a rage when the names of Hitler and Stalin, put together” begins his post Makarevich.

The artist cites the opinion of the liberals, according to which the Germans had renounced the heritage of the losers of the war Adolf Hitler and “here revived”, and Russia has not renounced Josef Stalin – “that face”.

Further Makarevich, noting that “Stalin won the war” and “Hitler blew it”, suggests to dream up what would happen in case of victory of Nazi Germany.

“Well, hypothetically – imagine for a moment what would have happened Vice versa. That would sound? It seems that history, like nature, has nothing to do with morality,” concludes the musician.

Previously Andrey Makarevich said that the possibility of dialogue between representatives of different views in society lost. “Some did this, others do not want to know,” the verses the singer explained his views, adding that the split in society began with the Ukrainian conflict, when he was “released the demons”.

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