Media called the name of the attacker Tatiana Felgengauer

The attacker on the journalist of radio station “Echo of Moscow”, zamglavnogo editor Tatyana Felgenhauer was a foreigner. Such data results in a press-service gumvd across Moscow. While the media has called his name.

Photo: Facebook Vitaly Xena, editor of the website “Echo of Moscow”.

In a press-service of the interior Ministry in Moscow reported that the man who assaulted a leading “echo of Moscow” Tatiana Felgengauer with a knife was detained by the guards, and presently handed over to police.

“Previously it is established that the attacker is a citizen of a foreign state”, – said in a statement to the police.

At the same time, as reports the portal of Life, the detainee said that his name is Boris grits. He is a native of Georgia residing in Israel.

He gave a confused testimony. According to some, he first stated that the journalist had sought him. From this it was concluded that Felgenhauer knew her attacker. Then came the information that it is not. The detainee stated that he had had with the victim of “telepathic communication”.

Currently the journalist is in surgery at the hospital.

In turn, Metropolitan division RCDS in its press release announced that the suspect in the attack on the journalist Tatyana Felgengauer in the editorial “echo of Moscow” 48. In its relation criminal case under article “attempt at murder”.

Meanwhile it became known some details of the attack. Attacked the journalist of “echo of Moscow” sprayed Mace in the face of the security guard of the building on Novy Arbat, and then went up to the office. However, he managed to wound one of the guards radios.

Injured in the attack of the guard.

“Most of all suffered Tatiana. Also, man Maced in the face of the guard at the bottom of our building, on the ground floor. The guard has already resulted in a sense. He also, when tied our guards on the floor, still managed to cut the hand guard to ours, but not much,” he told radio host Olga Bychkova.

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