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Russian delegates and guests of the festival, who came from 150 countries to take part in the discussion-the educational program “Ecology and health”, organized by the healthcare Ministry jointly with the all-Russian public movement “Volunteer doctors” with the participation of the world health organization. This event once again showed that youth theme, the theme of the training of a new generation of doctors, competent, self-motivated, able to work in the medicine of tomorrow, — has firmly taken its place in the focus of attention of the heads of national health care.

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Today among the various professional sectors have launched a struggle for young people choosing their path in life. Healthcare it, engineering and Humanities in trying to attract the attention of older students and their parents. I understand it: the energy, talent and creativity of a new generation — the key to progress in the near future.

Arguments of domestic medicine in this dispute are very important and do not remain without adequate response of the society. First of all it is updated and today passing through a serious transformation of the system of professional medical education. In recent years, there have been several revolutionary events. For example, introduced a new third generation standards training future doctors. They fundamentally practice-oriented and provide the opportunity for regular upgrading programme to include new methods and medical technologies of diagnosis and treatment. Last year training on the new standards first completed dentists and pharmacists, and this year the students of all medical specialties.

Then all the graduates of medical institutions trained in new programs, waiting for the first time appeared in our country, the system of admission of doctors and pharmacists to the profession — accreditation. Initial accreditation of graduates conducted for the second year. It includes a theoretical exam and practical test. And evaluate the qualifications of the graduates are not only teachers but also practitioners and heads of medical institutions — their future employers. Thus, medical education and medical practice real get permanent feedback mechanism. The Ministry of health are calling this one of the most important steps for self-regulation of professional community. Graduates who have completed primary accreditation, get a permit to work for jobs “entry-level” even without the internship.

Another important innovation — a new procedure of admission to residency, developed in conjunction with the University community and approved by the MoH. If earlier the question of whether to take the student in an internship or not, decided by the rector of a University, now the process will be carried out on the basis of unified conditions, which will make the procedure more transparent and impartial. Specifically, the entrance exam students pass the theoretical part of the accreditation testing, which eliminates the bias (base questions for accreditation the single and posted on the Internet, and taking the exam is the same independent multilateral Commission). In addition, when applying to residency takes account of the points for achievements during their studies, which are also calculated on a single system (e.g., scholarships and grants, diploma, etc.). Unification enables the graduate to enter the residency of any medical University in Russia by the same rules.

With the completion of education at the University education of doctors now ends in the country started a system of continuous medical education, using modern information technologies, remote training and internships in leading hospitals and institutes. Gradually this system will include the entire medical corps and received her knowledge will have to be confirmed in the course of regular — every five years — reaccreditation.

As for students, educational process, limited by the walls of the classrooms, though important, but not sufficient component of a good education. Very important is the atmosphere in which the plunge future doctors for the duration of your training. To create a creative, inspiring achievements of the atmosphere is necessary, so that young people could communicate on professional topics, exchange ideas, broaden their horizons, so they had access to industry professionals… So in the country today, there are many activities that become platforms for such communication between students, young professionals, and luminaries of medical practice and scientific luminaries. For example, since 2012 is an annual Forum of students from medical and pharmaceutical universities. Two years ago it had adopted a code of ethics students of medical and pharmaceutical educational institutions, which was distributed in all higher educational medical institutions of the country.

Last year in the all-Russian youth educational forum “Territory” was first held shift for young scientists and teachers in the field of healthcare. The participants were made by the Minister Veronika Skvortsova and other leaders of the industry. The forum participants developed the program and plan of development of health of Russia, had worked out the mechanisms of its modernization at the municipal, regional and Federal levels. The winner of the competition projects was the development of the Internet portal and mobile application, with background information, useful to young physicians early in their professional activities.

At the world festival of youth and students in discussion and educational program “Ecology and health” was discussed global health issues and medical ethics lectures were well-known representatives of the scientific community and the organizers of the medicine. Delegates talked about the possibilities of the sphere of health protection — from the Arctic to space medicine, from medical care in places of hostilities until the outpatient departments of hospitals. On simulation training, participants of the festival “tried on the role of” Directors of hospitals or members of delegations who, for example, tried to stop the impending epidemic. Yes that there — they had the opportunity even to read the thoughts of others via computer! Competition of youth projects was devoted to the most topical issues in modern health care: from working with “big data” to prepare professionals for medicine of tomorrow. “This festival not only helps in establishing international relations, exchanging knowledge and technologies, — said Veronika Skvortsova, but also contributes to strengthening the prestige of the medical profession, demonstrates young people that medicine is not only demanding, but also very exciting.”

The program “Ecology and health” was developed with the participation of all-Russian public movement “Volunteer doctors”, which was created with the support of the Ministry of health and is now rapidly growing. Today, according to the Council of students of medical and pharmaceutical universities under the health Ministry of Russia in the medical universities of the country active, more than 12.5 thousand volunteers who help not less than 1.2 million patients. Last year alone, the number of students participating in volunteer projects, rose by a third. In 2016 185 was conducted volunteer activities in orphanages, 550 — in schools, 175 — in educational institutions of higher and secondary education, 555 — in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and hospitals, more than 100 shopping centers and on city grounds. Volunteers have not only a purely medical function, but also social, cultural, sporting, educational, health education, even environmental. For example, volunteers are very active donors. This year about 7 thousand students participated in hundreds of rallies dedicated to the Day of the donor, and passed a total of 800 gallons of blood. In addition, the volunteers actively help doctors in hospitals and workers in the ambulance are on duty at public events, in order to provide the audience first aid, inform the population about the disease and risk factors, draw attention to socially significant problems of public health. More volunteers from different universities to meet and interact, both among themselves and with representatives of NGOs, government agencies, and businesses. Held annually all-Russian Congress of the movement “Volunteer doctors”. Best 250 medical volunteers from across the country have passed a certified training course at the State research center for preventive medicine Ministry of health of Russia. This year on the basis of the Russian national research medical University them. N. And. Pirogov was created by the Federal center of support of volunteering in the health sector. Its main purpose is to facilitate voluntary movements and methodological support, promotion of volunteer initiatives, and the pooling of their resources for major projects in the field of health.

Rapidly upgradable and customizable to the use of the most advanced technologies of medical education, concerns of young people to master their profession, their active participation in volunteer projects and medical forums, the increased interest in the medical profession in society — all this gives us reasonable hope, not only for the future of medicine in our country, but also to promote the health of the whole society. And not only in a purely medical sense.

Arina Petrova

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