On the asteroid Eros ufologists found “alien base”

Ufologist Scott Warring introduced the large asteroid called Eros, the surface of which you can see the outline of the charm of the object, with a certain amount of imagination reminiscent of the radar station. According to the self-proclaimed expert on extraterrestrial civilizations, the object is man-made and was built by aliens to study humans.

photo: pixabay.com

The asteroid Eros was opened on 13 August 1898 and named Eros, God of love and the inseparable companion of Aphrodite from Greek mythology. This object was first detected by astronomers near-earth asteroid in history. Called near-earth asteroids, the point of closest approach with the Sun appearing at a distance from it not exceeding 1,3 distance from the sun to the Earth. Eros is also the first asteroid, which appeared artificial satellite. 14 Feb 2000 in its orbit, the spacecraft NEAR Shoemaker, later committed the first in the history of space exploration landing on the asteroid. Pictures of the probe and attracted the attention of the ufologists.

A strange object, which drew the attention of Scott Warring, is a combination of two suddenly “correct” of rectangles on the background is much softer lines on the uneven surface of the planet. Moreover, “upper” and larger rectangle looks brighter than the surface in General, and the “bottom” is perceived as a “stand” on which it is installed. All this, according to the seeker of aliens, can serve as proof of the artificial origin of the object.

A phenomenon attracting notice something “usual” in the mysterious images, is called “pareidolia”. This optic illusion is often the key reason why news about “alien bases” or “alien animals” on a different satellite images are often very popular among Internet users. Serious scientists rarely comment on the “sensation” of this kind, and self-proclaimed experts in response accused the space Agency that they are deliberately hiding information about aliens from a wider audience.

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