Russian soldier in Armenia killed himself, accidentally shooting a fellow officer

In one of the military units of the southern military district killed two Russian contract. One of them accidentally shot a colleague, and then, after he died, took his own life.

As the press service of the southern military district, at the site of Luxembourg in the Republic of Armenia was a state of emergency after the training with the staff.

“On 23 October, with the surrender of weapons after the training, a soldier of contract service flagrantly violated safety requirements, and instinctively fired a gun, fatally wounding a colleague,” – said in the message.

The representative of the southern Federal district said that the young man fired a shot accidentally.

“Frightened of the offense and of responsibility for the death of a person, the perpetrator committed suicide,” – said the press service of YUVO.

It is clarified that both guys were under contract.

Currently on-site emergency working Committee military district clarified the circumstances of the incident.

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