Scientists on the Earth today will fall three-day magnetic storm

Experts from the laboratory of x-ray astronomy of the Sun Physical Institute named Lebedev, Russian Academy of Sciences, said today, October 24, our planet expect significant geomagnetic disturbances. With a probability of about 65 per cent of indignation is so strong that it can be described as a magnetic storm. It is assumed that it will last until October 27.


According to scientists, currently on opposite sides of our sun there are two sources of dense streams of the solar wind. A full rotation around its axis relative to the Earth the Sun is 27 days, if we consider how the rotation of stars around its axis and the movement of a planet in its orbit. Thus, the Earth is in one of the two streams of energy twice during this period, or once every two weeks. In the past this has resulted in almost a five-day magnetic disturbances, which lasted from 11 to 15 October. A similar event will happen in the next few days, and then on November 6-7, and so on. Experts believe that with the current configuration of the solar wind the Earth will have to live “in the rhythm of magnetic storms”. While scientists cannot say with certainty exactly when the situation might change. According to one of the assumptions, this can only happen in a few months.

Let such at first glance may seem paradoxical, such a “regular” magnetic storms typical of the period when solar activity is close to minimum (now our sun is observed in this phase of the 11-year cycle of activity changes). According to experts, the fact that the new magnetic field and spots on the star did not appear, and, as a consequence of the configuration flow of the solar wind becomes very stable.

Anyway, scientists urge not too apprehensive about the short magnetic storm — in all probability, its power will not exceed 2 on a scale that allows to attribute it to moderate, or middle. As a rule, the inhabitants of the Earth magnetic storms of such force pass almost unnoticed. While November 6-7, geomagnetic disturbances may be more significant, the researchers note.

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