Since retiring from life as a chess columnist Eugene Boom a year has passed

Exactly a year has passed since has not become our friend, great journalist Yevgeny Gik. He was a true time great chess game, maybe the last of the Mohicans. He loved chess as a game, for all her intelligence, sportiness and prestige appreciated the ease, the gaiety of chess, and the relationship of chess kings.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

“What is our life? Game!” — it was Mozart’s slogan Geek. He did not recognize, there is no pathos when “people are fighting for metal”. On the contrary, his stories, the stories, the stories were ironic, but a good irony, not surreptitiously. And the climax of his wise humor began the transformation of chess in the giveaway and is famous throughout Moscow the famous April fools tournament “MK”. This is a philosophical attitude to life, lightness of being, along with the basic knowledge and sincerity were the chief traits of his character.

We really miss you, Evgeni. We remember and love.

Friends of “MK”.

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