Sweet tooth is under attack: the sugar helps a person to “make friends” with drugs

Sugar not for nothing is sometimes called “white killer”. Now the list of charges against sweets added another paragraph. Scientists in North America according to the results of their research came to the conclusion that the consumption of refined sugar may contribute to human cravings for drugs – in particular, under certain conditions, provokes opioid dependence.

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It turns out the sugar – the friend and assistant of drugs. Scientific staff Golfscope University in Canada have just completed a study of one of the causal relationships in this area. The results of the work are described on the dedicated website Science Alert.

One of the participants of the study the psychologist Francesco Leri explained that he and his colleagues found out that refined sugar affects the human brain, causing it pulses “satisfaction”. The result is a reduced sensitivity to oxycodone is a semi-synthetic opioid that provides analgesic effect. Arisen due to this changes in the Central nervous system lead to the fact that a person begins to use more drugs.

Their findings by canadian scientists made on the basis of the experiments. As a test, they used lab rats. During the whole month the rodents were provided with free access to drinking bowls filled with sugar syrup water. After this period, the researchers assessed behavioral responses in animals oxycodone. It turned out that the constant use of sweet syrup reduced the number of pulses of pleasure released in response to intake of opioid. We are talking about the development of body of dopamine – a neurotransmitter is actively involved in the formation of feelings of pleasure, decrease of pain. As a result, to achieve the same effect animals now required a much larger dose of opioid. Moreover, this process unwinds on the rise, causing the most severe forms of drug dependence.

University experts from Canada have identified a specific, highly dangerous for the fact, says dietitian Anatoly Lazarev. – However, the wine sugar in the appearance of human and animal various pathologies of chronic diseases has been discussed for a long time.

One proven seems to be quite positive properties of this “substance”: sugar is a great stimulant. As a result of receiving a significant portion of the sweet is raising the level of sugar in the blood, the person feels a burst of activity, feels a state of mild excitement, he aktiviziruyutsya activity of the sympathetic nervous system. All of this seems to benefit, but in the end such a surge of drive that occurs over and over again, leads to very undesirable consequences.

Earlier experiments, too, by the way, on rats, gave an unambiguous result: refined sugar is addictive. Due to the already mentioned stimulant effects of its regular consumption provokes a strong enough dependence: I want to eat or drink more sweet. The researchers came to the conclusion that the sugar upon consumption can affect the brain similarly to what happens in the cases of cocaine, morphine or nicotine or alcohol. So we have to admit that candy – akin to a heavy smoker, drinker or even drug addict.

Well, the consequences of excessive consumption of sugar can be very heavy. Experts say a lot of horror stories about the dangers of excessive consumption of this popular food item.

Here are some of them:

minimized the strength of the immune system,

disorders of mineral metabolism in the body

the increase in the level of cholesterol and the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases,


premature aging of the skin.

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