The court attacked Tatyana Felgenhauer not impressed psycho

Suspect Boris grits, which is October 23, was stabbed in the throat of the journalist of radio station “Echo of Moscow” Tatiana Felgengauer, Presnensky court of Moscow was taken into custody. He admitted his guilt partially.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

As previously reported by “MK”, an unemployed 48-year-old grits broke into the office of radio station “Echo of Moscow” and slashed with a knife to the throat of 32-year-old leading Tatyana Felgenhauer (Shadrin). With serious injuries she was hospitalized. The woman had surgery, she is in intensive care. Physicians estimate its condition as heavy.

The assailant was detained by the internal security station. The reason for his action, he explained “telepathic harassment of the journalist”, which lasted for the last two months. And to communicate telepathically they began in 2012.

The investigation into the attempted murder investigates Department on investigation of especially important cases of the TFR.

At the meeting of the suspect Boris grits in establishing the personal data stated that he was born on 26 December 1968. According to him, he has dual citizenship — Russia and Israel. Lived at acquaintances..

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“Video of court: attacked journalist of Ukraine Boris grits arrested”


The investigator Samsonov said that grits is suspected of attempted murder Shadrina.

Tatiana Shadrina suffered a bodily injury in the form of incised wounds. Grits had the intent to kill, — said the investigator.

According to her, the detainee is a native of Sukhumi. Living in Russia without registration. He has no official income.

— Admitted guilt partially, having declared that had no intent murder, — said the investigator.

She asked me to arrest grits for two months, because it threatens till 15 years of imprisonment.

The Prosecutor asked to satisfy the petition of the investigation.

— My Lord, — addressed to the presiding grits. — I have not tried, not gonna hide, I ask you to soften the measure of restraint on the easier — said the suspect.

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It was evident that he gives himself to report what is happening. For performance in court, he prepared thoroughly. And with them have worked well attorney. In any case, the grits didn’t seem crazy. The man was very intelligent. All questions remained unanswered. Yes, and the process was prompt.

The defense asked to leave without satisfaction the petition of the investigation. The lawyer hinted on house arrest.

In the end, the Presnensky district court arrested the grits until December 23.

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