The details of the massacre in a military unit: the killer had just returned from vacation

The first details of the terrible crimes in the village of Shelkovskaya (Chechnya), where today the soldier killed four of his colleagues, became known to “MK”. In the administration of the village told us that the incident happened in the location of the military unit 6791, part of the 46th separate brigade defensive assignment Regardie. Moreover, according to other information killed five soldiers.

Photo: Regardie of the Russian Federation.

The portal said that the shooting was arranged by the commander of a platoon of sappers Lieutenant Hajiyev, recently returned from annual leave.

It is noteworthy that earlier Hajiyev was represented by interests in a/h in the trial — one of the dismissed soldiers filed a lawsuit on incorrect calculation of years of service and non-payment of a lump sum. Then in court he managed to defend the garrison: soldier sued lost. Now the officer went against his colleagues.

The battalion commander threatened Hajiyev, a dismissal for neglect of duty. After that, the Lieutenant came out of the headquarters, was the location of the company, removed the outfit and began to shoot.

Victims of the offender became the company commander, duty officer and two orderlies, and according to unofficial sources — even the Sergeant, who was in the Smoking room. In addition, Hajiyev fired several rounds at the soldiers who were on the parade ground. Returning fire, the soldiers shot the officer.

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