The Director of the Yaroslavl orphanage where abused pupils, brought the case

Shocking news in mid-October came from Yaroslavl: in the boarding school Director forced three hearing impaired pupils to drink their own urine. As it turned out, 16-year-olds before that peed in a drinking water tank, after which the teachers took them to the Director. And she decided to punish violators of distinctive methods. In the end, the Director was fired, and now on it criminal case under article 156 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation in connection with the improper execution of duties on education of the minor, connected to cruel treatment. The incident became known to the Commissioner for the rights of the child of the Yaroslavl region, Mikhail Krupin. He agreed to talk about the details of the sensational case in an exclusive interview with “MK”.

— Weekend on our “hot line” received a call with a story about this incident. On Monday, the specialists went to boarding school. For dinner we already more or less knew the picture of what happened, all the facts stated in the call, confirmed. Know what happened was the whole pedsostav boarding school, so the information was actively leaked to the media. We quickly issued a release on our website, and in the evening have already contacted us, the representatives of the investigation Committee.

— So what happened in the orphanage in fact, whether children were forced to drink urine?

— As reported earlier, Teens are really naughty — I pee in the tank with drinking water. Brought them to the Director, and she asked to bring jars for tests, told them to pee and drink. They first refused. “If you hesitate — turn away.” After that two peed and drank.

— Have you already talked to the Director, tell, she seems to be sadistic or some kind of inadequate woman?

— Absolutely not. She is an experienced teacher with an experience of 27 years. Apparently, she didn’t know what to do. And now is not particularly understand: “I didn’t make them” — that’s her answer. As a lawyer, I explained to her, what should be its actions. First, she heads a public institution. In accordance with the Charter which can give orders, instructions and directions. As students were in her office and not somewhere else, they took her words as instructions. Second, these children have committed an administrative offense, which can be qualified as hooliganism. In such cases, you need to call PD officer, to make the Protocol, to consider the matter at the special Commission, be punished by a fine and a warning of the parents or other legal guardians of the child.

— After the first Director was fired, and now in her criminal case, she repents?

— I think so. It is difficult for her, of course, through all of it. Teaching was the business of her life. But, occupying such posts, we must not forget that we live in a legal state and for every action there is legitimate opposition. Maybe it’s good that this story received such wide publicity — think about their methods other teachers.

— And how are the kids?

— Most importantly — they do not fully understand what they have done. I think that they still should be punished according to the above scheme. Otherwise children will think that the way to behave and nothing happens. Wine Director and publicity does not remove the guilt from the pupils. She let him answer for his misconduct, and they for your.

To Yaroslavl to check out employee of the office of the Commissioner of the President of Russia for children’s rights Mikhail Orlov. He spoke with the young offenders with the help of two sign language interpreters. In his opinion, the prevention of offenses with children was conducted formally.

— None of the three teenagers was not registered in Cdnsp, although there was good reason. In 2016, the pupils tried to carry and drink alcoholic beverages on the premises of the institution. At the end of September 2017, one of them was seen in the use of nasvay. Despite all this, the user was limited to just setting it on school records and Cdisp documents were sent out. Also from the class teachers had not received teacher-psychologist for events of psychotherapy and development with these boys. In addition, was not carried out and the work on prevention of professional deformation of teachers. The result is now we all see.

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