The doctor attacked Felgengauer: he asked me to find a job

Shortly before the attack on the office of the radio “Echo of Moscow” resident of Israel Boris grits consorting with a known healer and psychologist Mikhail Perepelitsyna.

Photo: Facebook Vitaly Xena, editor of the website “Echo of Moscow”.

He perepelitsyn said the “MK” that I am familiar with the family of the grits for about 16 years. Then approached by the mother of Boris with the request to help to save the young man from kidney disease. Psychologist claims that successfully coped with this task.

A couple of days ago grits turned again to Perepelitsyna asking for help to get him to work. However, the healer refused. “I am in a difficult financial situation, so to help him could do nothing,” – said the expert.

Also perepelitsyn said that was not observed in grits obsessions, and he is not mentioned in the conversation their plans of attack on radio host Tatyana Felgengauer.

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