The leader of the SERB about Felgenhauer: knife attack not our style

The head of the movement of SERB Igor Beketov (gosh Tarasevich) stated that it has nothing to do with the attack on the Deputy chief editor of radio station “Echo of Moscow” Tatiana Felgengauer, because the attacks with a knife “not their style”.

The tool of attack. Photo: Facebook Vitaly Xena, editor of the website “Echo of Moscow”.

As Beketov said “Moscow speaking”, “we (SERB — ed.) nothing to like do not have. It is not our style. Moreover, as I found out with a knife attacked. What do you mean!”

According to Beketov, “if you would say, she’s doused with green paint or something, then it is we, please. And so are eliminated. We knives we don’t attack”.

Recall that in an attack by an unknown (presumably — Israeli citizen Boris Hertz) Felgenhauer received a neck wound and is now in surgery at the Sklifosovsky research Institute.

The most resonant action of SEB was attacked with green paint on Alexei Navalny, after which he had to undergo surgery on his eye.

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