The Ministry of health promised to ban prophylactic antibiotics

The Deputy Minister of health Sergey Kraevoy told about the government-approved Strategy to prevent the spread of antimicrobial resistance in Russia for the period up to 2030. Within its framework it is expected to ban the use of antibiotics as a preventive measure.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As stated by the Regional “news”, “it is planned to prohibit inappropriate use of antimicrobials in prevention and other purposes.”

The official explained that the current massive and uncontrolled use of antibiotics organisms become resistant to them, which is why infected people are treated in an average of 7-10 days longer.

Regional cited statistics according to which the economic damage from this “in the United States each year is around 55-60 billion dollars, in Europe — 13-24 billion euros, in the UK about 10 billion pounds.”

Thus, the main purpose of which was approved in late September the Strategy is the fight against self-medication and self-application by citizens of the antibiotics, as well as raising awareness about their proper application.

In addition, the Russians will form a “positive attitude” to vaccination, the authorities will introduce a system of accounting for and control of the movement of antibiotics and separately will pay attention to applying them in their work of farmers.

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