The month of antiharassment name Weinstein

Many of his fellow buddies controversial American producer Harvey Weinstein, accused in the mass rape of Hollywood stars, now painfully wonder: the campaign for too long? After all, remember anything is possible, be interpreted as anything. If it is “month of antiharassment”, turn to them may not come, but if will be delayed if you do not have to switch public attention to some environmental or political peep the salvation of seals, Somalis… Then it must be bad.

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The initiative has gained power, crossed the oceans, crossed the border, and soon in a situation of “role through the bed” will be charged with all the studios, except maybe the “Soyuzmultfilm”, and not the fact.

The feminist movement of recollection of rape under the motto Me too (“me too”, or, closer in meaning to “Me too”) spanned the entire civilized world, and you can understand the concern, for example, Anna Nemtsova and Amy Ferris-Rotman about the fact that Russia is again lagging! Amy in solid shtatovskih Foreign Policy magazine says: “Although the number of women claiming sexual harassment by a Hollywood producer Weinstein continues to increase, there is one country where society is as if does not believe these allegations. We are talking about Russia.” The title of her article sounds like a diagnosis: “Russian do not understand what caused the discontent of the people “greedy women” Weinstein”.

Anna Nemtsova also in the us The Daily Beast for its part States: “Actors in modern Russia does not remember a single case of sexual harassment, initiated at the request of the actress, have been subjected to such harassment”.

And Viktor Shenderovich, there is, in my opinion roughing it: “Hollywood Actresses took dozens of years to openly talk about the behavior Weinstein, and so I was not surprised by the fact that in Russia the actress has been silent, because they disappear immediately after talking.” To “disappear” after each Me too — he’s probably from Mexico or confused with Somalia…

But let’s face it: Yes, Russia is far behind the number of “mitocheck”.

Although maybe it was for fear: after all, as we previously scolded for “herd”, “Soviet, Komsomol campaigning”! That as given the go — ahead- so “all as one”. And we simply do not yet heard how it was, “Beware of the car”, “This is… who have to foot!” In this slipshod herd running just right, not to be a shovel. This go-ahead came from where it should be, “Holy woods” (Hollywood). And generally, in modern language, this is not campaigning, and the trend!

I remember the past like “month” when the head of the IMF (and expected presidential candidate, France) Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested for molestation of a hotel maid. And a week later arrested Strauss-Kahn in what was then the “trend” frenzy sewn article: pimping. He had organized sex parties for colleagues. The same article — pimp — sewn and our oligarch bachelor Mikhail Prokhorov. In Courchevel, he was detained with a bunch of girls: also organized for friends. Playing with the name of the TV programme, I then responded with an article “be your own pimp,” is still a copy hanging on one feminist site as undermining the trend of “dueling”. And I only had to find fault then the charges: after all, pimping involves the removal of the maidens of the income. Offered to imagine the head of the IMF and billionaire Prokhorov, encircling the room and pulls out “my girls” for $25. From this absurdity? Of campaigning! After all, to make a friend night with a girl without profit — punishable here and went to create a “trend” that Prokhorov as titanium-Nickel haggling and human beings.

And the current response caused one keyword. More precisely, the name. Last week among the “mitocheck” showed up and Angelina Jolie. An example of a completely innocent on her part of the action, is fraught with wave effects. Really “bagina” (there is this meme): any step without any special effort on her part becomes a trend.

In 2013, she, given the bad blood, avoiding breast cancer proactively removed both Breasts by inserting implants. And in addition, “bravely” reported this. A global event, hundreds of TV shows began to discuss (advertise) this medical technique. Some wanted to support Jolie’s “in this difficult time”. Type world movie star, all calculated, dared to write this operation in a complex shooting schedule, all of a sudden going to go nuts, get depressed without these people just chat about it, to touch those Breasts on TV at least verbally. The second said, “the Example of courageous Jolie will help to decide for millions of women.” Incidentally, both of these slogan of support is silly and harmful. One or two sober doctor-mammologist tried to argue, you need to consider your own medical records, shots, diagnoses, and not telemetry “courageously confessed”.

And before me (at that time a teacher of high school) sat student, glittering strass smiles. Some admitted that they and their friends were wearing braces including quite properly growing teeth. Rhinestones. Beautiful. Fashion. “If Jolie” I then responded to the article, “Breast implants with rhinestones”.

In today’s “Mi Tu” may be a victim of itself human nature, the complexity of the mental world, containing in addition to at least certain of the estimates and even the abyss of intermediate emotions, unclear to their owners. Obsession? Numbness will? The first fear of intimacy?

And instead of all these reflections, good as times and entailing the formation, maturation of the soul, — simple voice of fashion: “So you were raped, otheressential! Like Angelina Jolie!”

So arranged that one absolutely certain situation, one Harvey Weinstein has a few, -eleven cases of “intermediate” for a long time unclear to both men, women, boys girls. How then to translate a love of babble or sexual confusion of interjections in the language of the proceedings? “What was that? Failure or foreplay? A moment of weakness? The fear of being alone?”

“Rape is the continuation of politics of courtship by other means”. This phrase, I confess, I did not come up to this article, as used previously in one of his novel, parodying the bison in the schools of Clausewitz: “War is the continuation of politics by other means”. It says I have a slightly cynical character, but the essence of the conflict is simple: to determine the meaning of the incident is a rape or not, it takes time and analysis of their own feelings and emotions.

But if it’s simple: “nasiliya, to say this and be in trend!” — as a simple, not a Hollywood destinies it can break?

In addition, our follow their “trends” always come out heavier, more serious nazadnje. Russian serious? “Fluttering” we have, Yes, does not work. They are some of the Marxism came up, played with and forgotten even by the early twentieth century. We have the same… So with this ill-fated Me too. Yesterday, they did not say tomorrow will not be. And we? Oh, this Russian trend, senseless and merciless!

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