The only cat astronaut is planned to erect a bronze monument in France

Creative Director Anomaly London Matthew guy proposed to establish in France a monument with the image of a cat by the name of Fileset dedicated to animals died for the sake of space exploration. According to official data, Peleset was the only feline ever to orbit the planet. It is assumed that the monument to her will be made of bronze, the Internet is the collection of funds for its creation.


Black and white cat, later named Felicit (originally cats involved in the space program of France, the names had not), went into orbit from the Baikonur Hammaguir and less than 15 minutes rose to a height of 160 kilometers. Here there was a separation of the capsule with the cat. Then the capsule with the cat, stayed in space for about five minutes on the parachute fell to the ground, where they found the search team. Subsequently, the animal was studied for two or three months and then put him to sleep to extract the implanted electrodes implanted before the flight. The second attempt to launch a cat into space were taken 24 October 1963, however, at the start accident of the carrier rocket, and the capsule was discovered two days later at a considerable distance from the launch point, when the animal was already dead. According to some versions, in earth orbit was visited by other cats, but officially this assumption is never confirmed.

According to Matthew guy, first on dogs and monkeys in space knows the most people, while on Fileset wide audience is almost unknown, and the monument would help to rectify this situation. According to the author of the initiative, this idea came to him in the 54 th anniversary of the first and, in all probability, currently the only flying cat in space.

It is assumed that the cost of the monument to the cat astronaut, will be 40 thousand pounds sterling, which at current exchange rate is approximately equal to three million Russian rubles. At the moment we have managed to collect about a quarter of this amount.

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