The son of “Magnitogorsk” has explained why the father staged a massacre: blame the sugar

The trial in the case of “Magnitogorsk” Amiran Giorgadze (recall that in the dock with his driver shots Elizbarashvili, who is accused of aiding and abetting) is reminiscent of true detective. Defense not allowed to call on the court one of the witnesses – former head of the Krasnogorsk district Boris Rasskazov. Meanwhile about his behavior the day of the murder became known to the curious, if not shocking details: see in the office two dead bodies, he first asked the Secretary to reheat… dinner.

The judge and Prosecutor, according to the defense, to hide from jurors the cause of the conflict between businessmen and officials. And as soon as at the meeting of the witnesses stutter about it, they are interrupted with the words: “it’s not true”.

Amiran Giorgadze.

HELP MK: 19 Oct 2015 “Krasnogorsk arrows” staged a bloodbath in the local administration. Giorgadze killed the Deputy head of the district Karaulova, head of local power grid of Ukraine, and later business partner Zakaidze and accidental witness of the guard “MK”, and then shot himself.

On Tuesday, October 24, the court heard one of the key witnesses in the case — the son of “Magnitogorsk” Nodari Giorgadze. Nodari said that the firm his father had as many as five e-omissions in the administration building. They were in the box. When Amiran Giorgadze has come for a serious conversation with Deputy head Karaulov, freely entered just such an e-pass. But shots at itself it was not (the driver considers it proof that he was not aware of the plans of the boss and do as such with the intent to kill himself Giorgadze originally had, otherwise would the driver pass).

To put the shots into the building with a bag, where was the gun, I had to call the Secretary. She gave the order to security.

The son of “Magnitogorsk” has told also that the father suffered from severe diabetes. In moments of stress he “rolls over” the level of sugar in the blood, and on the big jump of adrenaline he had behaved inappropriately, “literally was ready to kill everyone”.

– Nodari confirmed our version of the essence of the conflict – says lawyer Svetlana Voronkova. – There is a carve-up of power grids. Giorgadze has invested in the company’s money guaranteed by the administration (the guarantor appeared to be sentries). In particular, it has financed a program of renovation of power grids. But after he got nothing, asked for their money back.

As soon as the story about all this, the judge or the Prosecutor interrupted with the words: “irrelevant”. Not allowed to tell the jury about the bags with the money carried out of the administration building after the murder and before the arrival of the police. The investigation stated that the witness Elena Volkovskaya (she is an eyewitness to the murder, the local MP, went to the office Karaulova before the arrival Giorgadze) imagined. There was testimony that the bags were allegedly not euros and dollars, and the products. And in the end the judge used the same wording: “irrelevant”.

We asked to subpoena the former head of the Krasnogorsk district Boris Rasskazov, – continued the lawyer. – We refused. But there is testimony that he gave during the investigation, and they affect us. According to testimony, he arrived at the administration office sees two dead bodies and doing what? Tells the Secretary that the lunch and let it warm up food, which the wife of a put. To the hot pot to eat?

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