Ukrainian intruder with mercury staged a gunfight with the Kursk border guard

A desperate attempt of a 31-year-old citizen of Ukraine to break from the Sumy region of Ukraine in Kursk region and was nearly wounded Russian border guards, for General Gosudarstvennoy border service of Ukraine was a complete surprise.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

By words a press-the officer of the state border guard service, Oleg Slobodyan, the Department urgently investigate about armed to the teeth individual, clearly watching movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger.. According to “MK”, Ukrainian “super-soldier”, armed with two pistols and five grenades, as well as the 26th vials of unknown liquid grey substance (presumably mercury), previously fought in a famous volunteer battalions in the ATO zone.

The attempt to break out Belopolsky district of Sumy region have been taken for some reason on a day when brothers-in-arms “atoshnik” in the center of Kiev are in a state of “readiness №1” is in connection with a possible order of his former commander and now a Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada to begin the assault of the presidential administration of Ukraine. Seriously equipped intruder, sure thing, has not seen fit to use one of the official checkpoints on the Ukrainian-Russian border – not the closest “Ryzhivka”, no transitions in the neighboring district of Sumy region.

If the examination shows that Russian border guards seized ampoules were really mercury, you can talk about the intent of the terrorist and his accomplices to use it subsequently for the production of “fulminate of mercury” – the so-called initiating explosive.

At the end of September in the village of Tetkino Glushkovskogo the same district of the Kursk region the incident occurred, is also associated with the illegal crossing of the Ukrainian-Russian border. Then in the shootout with two terrorists killed Kursk cynologist Sergey Shirobokov.

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