Video released of penetration of the attacker on the journalist grits to the editor of “echo of Moscow”

New details of the attack, a native of Georgia Boris Grits on the journalist of “echo of Moscow” Tatiana Felgengauer published the chief editor of the station Alexei Venediktov. The footage from the surveillance camera located in front of the entrance, one can see how the perpetrator, armed with a knife managed to get passed the guard post.


We will remind, on Monday, October 23, in edition of radio station “Echo of Moscow” broke man who seriously wounded the journalist Tatyana Felgenhauer. The attacker struck the woman a knife wound to the neck. The offender immediately overpowered the guards, and the wounded were taken to hospital.

The assailant, living in Israel is a native of Georgia Boris grits, explained his action by the fact that supposedly constantly subjected to “psychic harassment” on the part of Ukraine.

The chief editor of the radio station Alexei Venediktov announced on its Telegram-channel footage of the camera that captures everything that happens on the guard post. So managed to figure out how armed with machetes the man was able to enter the building.

The footage shows how grits approaches the guard, hands him some papers and when he takes them in his hands, splashing into the face guard something from a container. After this, the attacker goes down on his haunches and quickly runs under the turnstile.

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