“Watching TV”: the crazies around full

No protection does not protect against crazies.

The crazies were watching who they want, even before any protection — directly at the entrance to the building where the one who needed them.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

I, for example, had some unpleasant cases with the loonies on the path from the metro to the editorial Board. Five hundred meters in a straight line — a great place to ambush.

And five times I invited them to the editor, because they called me or wrote and offered a very interesting topic for an article and it seemed absolutely normal people. I suspect he could not, that they are fools.

One woman — young, beautiful, very intelligent, came and first said something quite human, and then suddenly it turned out that she was being watched from the TV. She recently fell, sneezed, coughed, and on the evening news Mikhail Osokin (was a great TV presenter), ending the issue, pointedly told her of the “be healthy”. That’s where he found out that she’s sick, huh?

And these people, for whom “watching TV”, is full.

They are schizophrenics or something. Don’t know what’s the diagnosis, but they are perfectly camouflaged. And so logically and neatly set out the torments of their ideas that you can even believe.

Journalists, by the way, often believe. This is evident in the articles and stories. People think: that’s what journalists are bad people, deliberately nonsense, propaganda. And in fact, no propaganda there, they just got it from a psycho.

And sometimes, psycho will be released on editorial bosses (they can if you want) and it will convince. And the boss then gives his journalist job is to illuminate the idea of a psycho.

Then do not know how to be. The boss will not mind. Orders — must be fulfilled.

Sometimes the crazies are being drawn into the immorality of such an experienced and seasoned journalists, that’s amazing. Okay, a young naive girl seduced. But the experienced field reporters accepted to run in Moscow with a secret map the mined areas, received from another crazy visitor. Such a crazy powerful penetrating power and the gift of persuasion.

To deny them to be very careful. It is better not to refuse, but quietly to merge them.

Crazy because there are not in order to just chat. They come to convince the journalist to write in the newspaper that, for example, via the TV was being watched. Bring the TV to clean water. And if a journalist does that, he becomes one of the enemies crazy. Joins bad people watching from the TV. And who knows where next he will turn his obsessive condition.

In short, I want to say, psychos a lot more than people think. Don’t all rush with knives, thank God, but, as I understand it, when their illness, it can happen, there is hope. And will not save.

So what can I say? Be well. And nothing more to say.

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