Where are you going on the November holidays

This is enough time to go relax somewhere close by. And if you have the opportunity to add a few vacation days or time off, it will make for a great short vacation.

Co-founder of the portal for comparing prices and finding cheap airline tickets airinme.com Alexander Strakhov called the five most popular destinations, according to the statistics of requests of the site.

1. Czech Republic

The number of tourists in this country has always been considerable and continues to grow consistently. For short outings ideal: to fly 2.5 hours, tickets cost from 10 thousand rubles, housing and food is cheap. In Europe November – not nasty and windy, at this time there a real Golden autumn.

2. Hungary

Budapest Prague is catching up in popularity among our tourists for trips on weekend and has a chance to overtake. Because the capital of Hungary tickets are cheaper than in Czech. On special conditions, which happen quite often, you can grab 6-8 thousand rubles. And beauty and delicious food in Budapest no less.

3. Turkey

In early November, the weather in the resorts is already unstable, and it is possible to remain without sea bathing. But people use the last chance to catch sun and sea for a little money: tickets to Antalya you could buy for ten thousand, and even now, almost right next to the holidays, they are 13-15 thousand.

4. Thailand

Closer to winter, our people are drawn to Thailand. Many decided to arrange a vacation there in November. Tickets to Bangkok, if in advance, can be bought for 18-20 thousand.

5. Cyprus and Crete

The Greek Islands are divided between the fifth place with approximately the same number of queries. Tickets from 12 thousand rubles and a good chance of a beach holiday with a dip in the sea.

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