A new scandal in the rehab and after the death Maryanova: patient, fleeing, crippled

To escape from a narcological clinic on Mozhaisk highway, tried the 52-year-old patient on the morning of 25 October. He jumped out of a third floor window and, fortunately, survived, although suffered an open fracture of both legs.

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As it became known “MK”, the man turned to the clinic on their own a few days ago. Citizen many years is suffering from alcohol addiction, some time ago already treated at this medical facility, so knew the layout of the premises.

People with similar problems are on the third floor, all the Windows are barred. According to doctors, about 6.30 in the patient, apparently, happened delirium tremens. In a state of alcoholic psychosis, he broke down the door to the utility room (there is a washing machine), and then very quickly coped with the lock on the glass. The man is likely to have prepared an escape, as if he were the pillows, which he threw out of the window, and after they successfully landed. Miraculously he did not hit on a protruding from the asphalt pin.

Escape found the doctor on duty, she rushed outside and rendered first aid. Previously, the man broke his leg and injured his head. The team “ambulance” send the patient to hospital No. 71.

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