Alexey Dmitriev: we are recognized as a leader by the number of 4G base stations in Moscow metro

Alexey Dmitriev, technical Director of Tele2. Photo: Press-service Tele2

– Alex, it’s been two years since the launch of Tele2 network in Moscow. That young fourth operator was able to do during this period?

Young, but ambitious. Of course, go to the capital market was not easy. In fact, a year before the launch, we have built a network that provided a fairly good coverage of Moscow and Moscow region. At the start we had 7 thousand base stations. During these two years we have made great progress: now the communication of Tele2 available 99% of Moscow’s population and 97% of the region as a whole. This year we have paid great attention to the area – now according to numerous requests from gardeners there is a connection in almost all corners of Moscow region: on the slopes, in remote villages and suburban towns. Now our network has about 12 thousand base stations. But we are not resting: with the ever-growing number of subscribers no limit to perfection.

– In addition to installing new base stations that still allows you to maintain a high level of quality?

We are constantly monitoring the network status, and the need to increase its capacity in the areas of maximum stress. From the very beginning of construction projects we use the most modern equipment: our 3G/4G network is built on the latest range of Ericsson equipment. We introduced the HD-Voice technology, which reinforces the realism of the voice and creates the effect of live communication. In addition, Tele2 was the first in Moscow has launched a special intelligent system SON (Self-Organizing Network), which makes automatic configuration of the network and provides seamless connection between base stations. So, subscribers do not have problems with the signal during the transition from the coverage of one base station in the zone of action of the other.

– Noticed that your network appeared in the metro. This is good news, because many have not switched to Tele2 as he was afraid to remain without communication in the subway. You promised to cover 75% of the stations before the end of the year, the forecast will come true?

Sure! Metro has become one of the key areas of technical development, and already showing results. Roskomnadzor recognized Tele2 is the leader in the number of stations of LTE standard among operators in the Metropolitan subway. Now there is a connection on 166 stations, and that 70% of their total number. The advantage of our network, again in new technologies. Subscribers of other operators often complain that the network on the phone like there, and the Internet not working, page not loaded – the fact that some stations only works 2G standard. We are building a network in the subway in two standards – 3G and 4G, which provides high-quality voice, and “flying” the Internet.

– Can you briefly tell about what awaits Telecom market in the coming years?

The consumption of Internet traffic will continue to grow. Our subscribers now pump more than 450 terabytes of data per day, which is comparable continuous video viewing for 224 years. Voice services will become even less popular with each passing year the focus is increasingly shifting towards the consumption of data traffic. By 2021 you will earn the 5G technology is very high speed of data transfer, allowing you in seconds to transmit for the mobile Internet hours-long videos and files with capacity up to 8 gigabytes (the amount of information the average Muscovite consumes per month). Ultra-high speed allows a new look at the market of innovative devices and M2M technologies. As a result, it stimulates the launching of new projects in the field of engineering (e.g., self-driving car), in medicine, industry, systems of “smart” homes and “smart” city.

Maxim Evsjukov

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