At the premiere of “Matilda” people met icons and sermons

Those lubitelei of art which decided on Tuesday evening to attend the premiere of the film by Alexei Uchitel, met the outfit not only the police but also of Orthodox activists. “Everywhere I look, icons and crosses, we come to the movies?” – shared his impressions of the audience. One of the most anticipated social events at the moment is still not finished. But it is already clear that believers are the activists again went too far. The visitors were struck by the sign of the cross and called to boycott the “mess on the screen.” Fortunately, there were no sacrifices and feces.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

To prepare for the evening show Muscovites began to advance. Was not in the capital of a man who has not walked would be a joke (maybe not a joke) about the excessive attention to the picture of the part of the faithful activists.

“Today we put the armor, helmet, take AKM and go to the very epicenter of the fighting is to look at the main intrigue of the year” – shared with people in social networks. “With God! Come back alive!” – echoed his commentators. By the way, some wrote blogs that tried to dress decently — not to unwittingly offend someone’s feelings.

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At the premiere of “Matilda” was detained by Orthodox activists

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In the end, on Tuesday evening, the crowd in front of the cinema on Novy Arbat were divided into three types: viewers themselves, many defenders of law and order and Orthodox fanatics.

People trying to break into the lobby, checked as inspected not in every airport. Due to heightened security measures in place, according to eyewitnesses, lasted for hundreds of meters. The area around the cordoned off, are ready paddy wagons, fire trucks, ambulances… Passers-by, “not in”, anxiously wondering what had happened. “To say what number of police officers per square meter, is difficult. I haven’t seen one premieres” the audience was in shock and tried by hook or by crook faster to get to the gym.

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“Video of the detention of the Orthodox participants of the picket against the showing of “Matilda” in Moscow”


In addition to guards everywhere were dispersed activists with icons, crosses and portraits of Nicholas II. People with unkind persons held posters “Stop Matilde. Slander, Blasphemy”, “Hands off the Holy king”. Here and there continually baptized and delayed the sermon. Harmonious choir, bringing the prayer of the Royal family, instantly attracted everyone’s attention. Has been submitted and folk art — the opponents of the film have warned people from approaching the Russian cinema “the troubles”. I must say that colleagues in indignation and tried each other not to interrupt, and started their chants only when abated the previous one. By the way, not all of them knew the words by heart — many resorted to prayer. Some took to the aid of babies.

Who defeated the crowd of spectators burst into a foyer with a victorious expression on his face, leaving behind crosses and curses. “Godless” was the most soft that fell on the heads of innocent people. However, almost all took the adventure positive. Except that nervously jumped aside from the “I Hope they won’t burn”. Also among those present, it was suggested that after such a hype in Russia will go shaft baby girls with the name Matilda. When most of the audience seated in their places in the hall I passed a sigh of relief: “to Celebrate the victory of common sense”.

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“At the Moscow premiere of “Matilda” came Orthodox activists: five detainees”


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