“Canadian scientists have started sweating blood Italian

– Canadian doctors became interested in the case 21-year-old Italian, who has for three years suffer from the strange condition, which is manifested in the fact that she literally sweats blood, but no damage to the skin is not observed.

Material of unusual disease published in the Journal of the canadian medical Association. The symptoms described in the article by doctors from the University of Florence, who sees the patient.

Blood begins to stand out through the skin, most often during sleep or during exercise. The face and the palm of a woman bleeding for 1-3 minutes. Stress enhances bleeding, but the doctors are unable to identify circumstances that could cause.

She was diagnosed with hematidrosis is a rare disease suffering from which people sweat blood in the absence of a skin injury.

The woman was prescribed a sedative, but it didn’t help. The patient was also taking blood pressure propranolol is reduced intensity of bloody sweat, but not get rid of it completely.

Canadian historian of medicine Jacqueline Duffin, who wrote the introduction to the material Italian doctors, says that none of her colleagues has never been faced with such a case. But she found that over the last 15 years worldwide has identified about 25 such cases. In most conducted numerous tests, and the researchers concluded that in sweat glands of patients really stands out blood.

A significant portion of patients are women and children. Often the disease was preceded by severe stress, for example, a patient witnessed violence at home or school. In all cases the condition was temporary and lasted from one month to four years.

He found reference to a similar disease in the works of Aristotle. Some authors consider such cases to modern forms of stigmata, opening Christians have wounds similar to the wounds of Christ. Bloody sweat is mentioned also in Luke.

According to The Guardian, according to one version, the cause of the condition are disorders of blood clotting. On the other – damage to blood vessels in the tissues.

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