“”Daughter” Daimler presented a heavy electric truck before Tesla

Company Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) is a Japanese subsidiary of Daimler AG, which owns the brand Mercedes-Benz on Wednesday introduced the world’s first heavy-duty truck with all-electric drive at the auto show in Tokyo.

23-ton electric truck E-FUSO Vision One able to travel up to 350 miles between charges and can carry up to 11 tons of cargo, that is, according to Daimler in the presentation, just two tons less than a similar car with a diesel engine. Capacity battery pack – 300 kilowatt-hour/

Thus, Fuso and Daimler were ahead of the American, which planned to introduce its own electric truck Semi, October 26, but then postponed the presentation until November 16. The car’s range without recharging is planned from 320 km to 480 km.

It is expected that serial production of the E-FUSO Vision One will be launched within four years. Daimler focuses on the markets of Japan, USA and Europe, hoping that an economical and clean electrogrooving will be able to replace the traditional means of moving goods in urban areas.

Previously suggested Fuso vans eCanter, passing on a single charge up to 120 km. They are already using a logistics and courier company in Japan and the United States.

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