“Estonia has lost a monument to the fallen in the First world war Russian soldiers

In Estonia in the cemetery of the sill on the island of Saaremaa was missing a large concrete cross erected in memory of those buried there eight Russian soldiers killed during the First world war.

The society of protection of monuments of Russian pages of Estonia turned to the Council the parish Mustjala rural municipality (Mustjala) with a request to place a cross in the same place or give it to the society, told the local newspaper Saarte Haal.

However, the elder of the parish of Calle Coulter said that the Council has no information about the disappearance. He also noted that Council was not informed about the installation of the cross: “simply put, gone.”

The watchman of the cemetery, Hale Call said that her recollection was that the monument was lost a year ago.

At the same time a memorial stone at the mass grave with the explanatory text is, as before. To him, bring flowers and candles, but who’s doing it, she could not tell.

Eight dead in these places Russian soldiers were buried here in July 2010. The remains were discovered on may 21 of that year during excavation work in the courtyard of the manor (estate) Pidula.

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