“Felgenhauer in a state of moderate severity transferred to the recovery room

– Wounded on the eve of the journalist of radio station “Echo of Moscow” Tatiana Felgengauer is in recovery. This was reported by “Interfax” on Tuesday in reference service, research Institute of Sklifosovsky.

“She is in a postoperative intensive care. The status is estimated as average weight”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

Felgengauer on the day before it was attacked in the premises of the radio station “Echo of Moscow”. Unknown broke into the editorial office, blinding the guard of a gas canister and caused the journalist stabbed in the neck. He was detained by the security guard of the radio station and handed over to law enforcement.

As it turned out, the attackers is a 48-year-old Boris grits.

In respect of his main investigation Department of insurance in Moscow opened a criminal case under article of article 30, article 105 of the RF criminal code (attempted murder).

After the attack, Felgenhauer was immediately hospitalized in the Institute Sklifosovsky. She had an operation.

In a press-service of the Moscow Central Directorate of police earlier told Interfax that the attacker, in advance, is a citizen of a foreign state, and the reason for the incident was personal dislike.

In turn, the source of “Interfax” was told that grits, according to preliminary data, lately he lived in Israel during the arrest he was found to have Israeli documents.

During interrogation, the grits could not rationally explain the reason for his action, giving unintelligible readings. According to him, attack the journalist, it prompted something that she allegedly chased him for two months. However, he argues that the persecution was expressed in telepathic form 2012. According to him, the journalist “every night, using telepathic communication, tormented me.”

As expected, in the near future the consequence will appoint Grits psychiatric examination to check for sanity.

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