Five thousand year old figure of “Indian” found in Novosibirsk

Archaeologists working on the Eastern shore of the Ob river in Novosibirsk, found a figure, resembling a man in a headdress of feathers. The age of the statues is estimated at about five thousand years, and while experts are not ready to answer the question how the representatives of culture could create. In any case, the finding is very unusual for the area where excavations were carried out, the researchers note.


The statuette is made of organic material, the exact nature of which professionals remains to be seen. In all likelihood, it depicts a person or some kind of anthropomorphic deity. Due to some similarity of the headdress of feathers to modern man it may seem somewhat reminiscent of the leaders of the Indians, however, they are often portrayed in popular culture. Another feature of the figures is unusual ornament. Judging by the holes on it, it can be assumed that in the distant past, such figurines were attached to the garment, the researchers note.

According to a famous archaeologist from the Novosibirsk Institute of archaeology and Ethnography Vyacheslav Melodyline, people living in Siberia, five thousand years ago, nothing like this usually didn’t wear. However, experts do not exclude that in reality what is perceived as a headdress, symbolize the radiance around the head or anything else like that.

Among other interesting finds experts called the figure of a bird in human clothing, which is likely also attached to clothing and worn as a pendant.

It may be noted that to date, a rather popular theory that ancestors of native Americans really lived in Siberia — in particular, in favor of this assumption is conducted by a number of relatively recent genetic studies. However, in this case, the resemblance of figurines from the “classical” representation of Indians, in all probability, is nothing more than a coincidence.

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