“IBM has extended paid leave to care for a child up to 20 weeks

– IBM increased the length of paid leave for child care for mothers from 14 to 20 weeks for fathers, partners and adoptive parents – from 6 to 12 weeks, according to the official company blog.

U.S. Federal law does not involve paid leave with pay, just 12 weeks at their own expense. However, some companies, especially in the high tech sector in recent years, use them as a way to attract and retain employees. Thanks to their efforts, 12% of Americans have access to paid maternity leave, according to the Bureau of labor statistics of the United States.

IBM is also willing to reimburse the costs of surrogacy or adoption up to $20 thousand, including partners of the same sex. Previously the maximum amount was $5 million, offset by solely the cost of adoption. According to the Vice-President of IBM for benefits Barbara Brockmeier such expenses are indemnified even if the attempt to become parents was unsuccessful.

Earlier this year, the Republicans proposed to introduce a 6-week paid leave to either parent after the birth or adoption of a child.

Facebook currently pays new parents (both mothers and fathers) four months, Netflix – up to 12 months. The Internet market masters Etsy allows employees, regardless of gender and orientation, to take up to 26 weeks of leave at any time within two years after the appearance of the child.

The United States regularly occupy the last place in all rankings related to maternity leave, the newspaper notes Moneyish.
In Finland, expectant mothers can take unpaid leave to care for a child seven weeks before the expected birth and to 16 fully paid weeks after the baby’s born. In Denmark 18 fully paid weeks of maternity leave, in Sweden – 480 days with preservation of 80% of wages.

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