In Crimea, discovered a bridge built for the arrival of Catherine II

During excavations in the construction zone of the Crimean highway “Tavrida” the researchers representing Institute of archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, found the bridge, which was built for the visit of the Russian Empress Catherine II. According to experts, the southern region of the Russian Empire Catherine II visited in 1787.

photo: 1838.Russia

According to a press release from the Institute of archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, discovered the bridge represents the oldest engineering construction in the Crimea — from the data obtained it follows that it was built over 230 years ago. It is assumed that construction was carried out in the late XVIII century, shortly before the famous voyage of Catherine II, shortly before conquered Turkey southern regions.

Archaeologists remind us that the Empress has traveled the country and today we know, at least, of its eight trips (including swimming across the Volga to Simbirsk to 1767 and visit to Western province in 1780), but the trip to the Crimea was more extensive than all the previous ones. It lasted over six months, from January to July, and the Empress was accompanied by a retinue of more than three thousand dignitaries and courtiers. In Kiev, the hikers joined the Austrian Emperor Joseph II, the Polish king Stanislav-August, and his serene Highness Prince Grigory Potemkin. By the way, this journey is associated with the appearance of the expression “Potemkin village” — one of the historical myths, in some localities visited by the Empress, as a preparation for this was made more elaborate measures than the construction of bridges and buildings.

The route of the Empress at the Tauride province passed through Perekop, AK-Mosque, Sevastopol, Bakhchisarai, Karasubazar in Feodosia. The bridge was built on the stretch of road between the Karasubazar to Feodosiya. Prince Potemkin demanded that the tract was “many times more beautiful” ancient Roman roads, which was then considered the standard of road construction. Small single-span arched stone bridge was built across the Creek is (left tributary of the river Bulganak), which flows in this place, but by the end of the XIX century was completely dried up.. the bridge was about 30 meters, a width of about 8 meters and the width of the arch is not more than 2 metres. On some units the parapet and arches was discovered scratched or carved inscriptions.

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