“In Syria, captured the largest warehouse of weapons and armored terrorist

A large part of the Arsenal in the liberated Medine consists of arms adopted by the NATO countries

Archived photophoto: Reuters

– The Syrian military with the support of the Russian space forces seized the largest warehouse of weapons and armored vehicles of terrorists “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia as a terrorist organization), discovered in the city of Mayadin in the country’s East.

“It will take us six days to get all these trophies, which the militants had left behind after his flight. There are a lot of weapons and various means of communication for foreign production”, – told reporters, Brigadier General of the Syrian Arab Army Hasan Suhail, who led the operation to liberate the city.

Mayadin was a logistics centre with a well-organized system of warehouses and workshops. After his release trophies the Syrian military began small arms and antitank weapons, artillery shells, improvised mines, as well as tanks and armoured personnel carriers earlier seized by terrorists from the Iraqi army.

The Syrian military also showed reporters captured in Mayadine satellite communication systems, radar equipment, medical devices and plant for the production of drones with dozens of ready-made drones used by the fighters for reconnaissance and precision bombing.

A large part of the terrorist Arsenal consists of weapons, adopted by the NATO countries. In particular, in the warehouses of the terrorists in Medine was discovered 155-mm howitzer British production made in 2011. “We took the latest models of weapons manufactured in the USA, Belgium and the UK, standing on the armament of NATO countries,” said Suhail.

Mayadin is located forty kilometres South-East of the administrative center of the province of Deir ez-Zor, on the key highway connecting Aleppo with the city of Abu Kemal on the border with Iraq. Until recently Mayadin was the most powerful fortified area of terrorists in Eastern Syria and was awarded the status of “capital” of ISIS.

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