Irina Kolb: “I am very lucky to have good people”

Singer Irina Kolb a multi — faceted personality. She not only sings beautifully but also writes music and plays beautifully on the piano. On the stage it rests easily and naturally, has a special grace and always easily establishes contact with the audience. There is nothing surprising in the fact that it is constantly invited to various TV programs and radio programs. And recently, Irina has also performed at several concerts organised by the “MK” for residents in Volokolamsk, in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Lukhovitsy and the 70th anniversary of Zhukovsky.

— I can say for most of the season was held together with the “Moscow Komsomolets” — with a smile Irina remembers. — It was just a great performance! Everything was organized on highest level. The audience was welcomed very warmly.

— What is happening now in your work?

— I complete work on the next album, which will include dramatic music, lyrical ballads and fast dance songs. In almost all cases, by the composer act I, as the author of the words of some songs. Although most of the poems are authored by the remarkable poet and translator of Vladimir Benediktov. In addition, I have prepared a collection of songs for children — this Studio work is parallel to the recording of the new album.

— Is the time to prepare the concert?

— At the beginning of November, I will present the program “all in the tale” in your favorite jazz club “Cinema”. Offers several thematic blocks, where each room will draw as little performance, supporting all the technical possibilities of the hall: light and sound, the visuals on the screen, and, of course, will appreciate the costumes. The concert will feature both new songs and well-known, long a favorite of the audience: “Emmanuelle” with the original Russian text, “Tender words”, “Choking with love”… I hope that I will be able to charge their viewers with positive emotions, drive, powerful energy, because it’s all I prepared carefully and with great love.

— How is your relationship with the artists of the older generation? One of them helps you?

— I am very lucky to have good people, and many artists to help me. Many times I have substituted the shoulder of my wonderful friend, honored artist of Russia singer Vladimir Mikhailov, who also frequently performs at concerts “MK”. He helped me in difficult situations, helped to organize concerts, gave a very valuable advice.

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