Kavazashvili: the Course “Locomotive”, I much prefer zenitovskogo

The loss of points by opponents in the Central match of the 14th round of the Premier League CSKA — “Zenit” allowed to come out on top in his field beaten “Krasnodar” “the locomotive”. The title race received a new impulse, thanks to which conversations about the inevitability of the victory of Petersburgers in the championship at least for a while subside. Can the “Loco” to survive in a predetermined rhythm to the showdown in the fight for medals? Are championship ambitions of “Spartacus” and CSKA justified? What role will they play in the distribution of prizes “Krasnodar” and soaring to unprecedented heights “Ural”? These are the questions we tried to find answers, with support from the permanent expert “MK” — bronze medalist world Cup 1966 Anzor, Kavazashvili.

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Hero tour: make it the “locomotive” until may?

“MK”: the Victory over the “Krasnodar” brought “locomotive” in the first place. While still a “railroad” was not considered to be serious contenders for the gold. And the team Semin, sometimes without much Shine, continues to regularly score points and move steadily up the standings. The main match of the first half of the championship will be played in the nearest round, in which the red-green have an away game against Zenit.

Kavazashvili: the Main Creator of successes “Locomotive” in this season, Yuri Semin. It’s his team, he feels like no one else. Look how it has blossomed in the brothers Miranchuk changes Tarasov. The latter was difficult to suspect the commitment to attacking football, but it was enough to nominate Dmitry a little more, and his game changed. I am very impressed that Semin relies on young Russian players such vector of development of the club is much more promising than buying foreigners. The team is improving from match to match, and with it adds the trainer, whose substitutions and permutations become more productive.

Nature tour: CSKA shows fighting qualities

MK: After a lackluster ligachampion match with “Basel” the army has answered everyone who criticized them for their lack of character a great match with Zenit. CSKA was much more active and aggressive opponent tonight, and was closer to victory than Roberto Mancini.

Kavazashvili: CSKA are going through a difficult period of generational change. It is obvious that the age of the players line of defense, a lot has been done for domestic football, not getting any younger. They need to be replaced. In the domestic championship, their level is still missing, but on the European stage, it turns into a problem. Remember that monstrous failures were in the defense of CSKA in a match with “Basel” (0:2) at the last minute. Yes, it was necessary to recoup, but that doesn’t mean that you have to throw the goalkeeper at the mercy of the opponents.

In such a situation, think of Viktor Gancharenko optimum figure to the coaching staff. He is still fairly young coach and is developing together with the team. I think that if red and blue at the end of the season will be in the top three, it will be a success and luck.

Hangover tour: “Spartak” has not managed to move away after the “Seville”

MK: it was Easy to assume that after striking the match against Sevilla, in which red-and-white defeated the formidable Spanish (5:1), “Spartak” will experience a shortage of both physical and moral strength. And so it happened. The Muscovites had some good attacks, one of which Quincy promes failed to convert a one-on-one with the goalkeeper Permjakov in a goal, but in the very end of the meeting, the initiative passed by the guests, who a couple of times openly forgave the owners are rude errors in defense.

Kavazashvili: this season Spartak is playing very unstable. A lot of the game depends on the Central midfield, and when not Glushakova or captain is not at the best form, the team’s potential is markedly reduced. But not in the best shape clearly lies on the entire team. Inclined to explain it’s not the highest quality pre-season training. The players are in various stages of readiness. And permanent injury knocked the team leaders in almost every round, began to become a habit. What happened with ze Luis? Why out of the blue broke Samedov? Continuous questions. I think that, like CSKA, Spartak can get on the podium of the championship only at wonderful coincidence.

The question of the round: whether to worry about “Zenith”?

“MK”: “Zenit” before the match against CSKA Moscow looked a definite favorite. The team Roberto Mancini has no global problem at all, the bench could enter the field from the first minute in the composition of virtually every Premier League club and the participation in the Europa League rather brings blue-white-blue fun, not fatigue. But better this evening looked exactly CSKA and a draw for St more than a decent result.

Kavazashvili: “Zenith” it is necessary to worry not for their own points and are the points gained “the locomotive”. The thing in the first place is, as the Muscovites do. Yuri Semin demonstrates the leadership of the club from St. Petersburg, how to act as successfully without spending fabulous sums for the purchase of foreign players. If you can achieve exactly the same results with the Russian players, not inviting foreign coaches, why pay more? The question everyone should be asking the managers of local clubs, developing a strategy of development.

The stability of the tour: “Ural” does not lose “their” points

MK: in the shadow of the battle of Moscow clubs with the “Zenith”, “bumblebees” flew already on 4‑th line in the standings. At this time, in the usual style of the Urals was defeated “Ahmad”. Let neeffektno, but effective.

Kavazashvili: “Ural” is not the richest club in the Premier League, accustomed to let their leaders in top clubs. It is considered that all the good players gathered in the capital’s rich teams and Zenit, but Alexander Tarkhanov does not cease to open all new and new names. You know, I work of Alexander Fedorovich in Ekaterinburg something similar to what was done in the “Dnepr” Valery Lobanovsky. The same thoroughness and solidity in the coaching approach.

The defeat of the tour: “Krasnodar” again on the shield

“MK”: Critic Igor Shalimov after each match turns into a trend. No matter how played FC Krasnodar, criticize and compare with the attacking style that was inherent even when the team Oleg Kononov. So this time immediately after the final whistle they from all sides began to resume conversations about possible fast resignation of the coach. Yes, the bulls once again failed to score, but who is able to order to print the gate Marinato Guilherme?

Kavazashvili: I work Shalimov in Krasnodar impressed. The team regularly scores points and keeps going in the leading group. When healthy and in good shape CSKA Moscow — it is very dangerous for the opponent. “Krasnodar” gradually moving to a new track and be quick and painless this process can not. You must have patience. As for the tournament prospects, I believe that the residents should take their place in the championship in the zone of Europa League.

Premier League. 14‑th round

“Lokomotiv” — “Krasnodar” — 2:0, “Anzhi” — “the Arsenal” — 3:2, CSKA — “Zenith” — 0:0, “Ural” — “Ahmad” — 2:0 “Spartak” — “Amkar” — 0:0, the Rubin — Dynamo — 0:0, “Tosno” — “Rostov” — 1:1, “SKA-Khabarovsk” — “Ufa” — 2:2.


Alexander Kokorin (“Zenit”) — 8 goals (0 penalty). Quincy Promes (Spartak) — 6 (2). Eugene Markov (Tosno), Andrei Arshavin (Arsenal), Alexey miranchuk (Lokomotiv Moscow), all 5 (0).

In the 15th round of the meet

27.10: Arsenal — CSKA

28.10: “Rostov” — “Spartak”

29.10: “Amkar” — “Ural”, “Dynamo” — “Tosno”, “Zenit” — “locomotive” – “Krasnodar” — SKA

30.10: “Ufa” — “Rubin”, “Ahmad” — “Anji”


Goalie: Anton Shunin (Dynamo)

Defence: Denys Kulakov (Ural), Dmitry Belorukov (Amkar), Vasily Berezutsky (CSKA Moscow), Yuri Lodygin (“Zenith”)

Midfield: Arsen Khubulov (“Anji”), Alexey Miranchuk (Lokomotiv Moscow), Manuel Fernandes (Lokomotiv Moscow), Alexei Evseev (“Ural”)

Attack: Vyacheslav Krotov (Russia), Evgeny Markov (Tosno)

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