Lazio will annually send 200 fans to Auschwitz

The President of the Italian club “Lazio” Claudio Lotito is concerned about the racism of the fans of his team, which made a surprise announcement. To combat it he’s going through excursions to Auschwitz, where will annually send two hundred fans.


Recently, arena the Stadio Olimpico appeared anti-Semitic graffiti, in this connection the President “Lazio” Claudio Lotito and decided to send fans to Auschwitz.

“The vast majority of fans “Latium” share our position: the condemnation of all forms of racism. We much take in order to suppress these incidents. Officially announce that the club will take part in a new initiative: each year, Lazio will organize a trip to Auschwitz for 200 fans, so that they learned something and didn’t forget some episodes” – Claudio Lotito is quoted by Football Italia.

The official also said that he was going to fight in different ways with the racism and declared that perpetrators will try to find with the help of surveillance cameras. According to him, the trip to Auschwitz will help to re-educate some of the fans.

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