NASA presented a colourful picture of sunset in the constellation of Orion

On the official website of the Hubble space telescope on the social network Twitter, and a automatic Observatory were presented a fascinating shot where you can see something like a sunset in the constellation of Orion. Rich colors the picture has attracted the attention of many Internet users.

Photo: NASA.

Experts explain that “frame” came reflection nebula called NGC 2023, located at a distance of about one and a half thousand light-years from Earth and “illuminated” star of spectral type B. Such luminaries larger and much hotter than the Sun, the researchers note.

In comments to the message with photo on Twitter some Internet users wrote that the picture seemed to them beautiful and breathtaking, while others suspected that in reality the presented frame is a forgery or the result of computer processing of the image. However, representatives of the American space Agency did not hide that the do has been processed — the more detailed the description of the photo that is on the website NASA reported that it is a combination of several images obtained with different filters.

The telescope “Hubble” is a joint project of NASA and the European space Agency. It is an automatic Observatory in orbit around the Earth that allows him to take pictures with a resolution of 7-10 times greater than any similar telescope, whether it is on Earth. While Hubble allows you to record electromagnetic radiation in the ranges in which the earth’s atmosphere is opaque in the first place — in the infrared range. Some experts believe the launch of this telescope one of the most key events in the history of space exploration.

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