RAS President proposed to discuss the structure of the HAC after the scandal with Medina

Doctorate of the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky does not rest of the scientific community. Historians and members of the Academy club “July 1” to Express their dissatisfaction with the decision of the Presidium of the HAC is not to deprive the Minister of the degree of doctor of historical Sciences. In the Ministry of education has received a new statement about creation of the expert Commission and a retrial Medina. His word said on Tuesday, and members of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

So, on October 23 in the Ministry of education has received a new statement of Ivan Babitsky with the requirement to establish an expert group to re-examine the thesis the head of the Ministry of culture in connection with numerous violations committed in the course of the first meeting. In addition, their indignation at the decision of the Presidium expressed the Council for science when Minobra and 60 academicians and corresponding members of the RAS club “July 1”. A number of members of the expert Council of VAK on the history, recommending to deprive Medina of a scientific degree, including the Chairman Pavel Uvarov, General announced his withdrawal from the Council. The mood in the scientific community “MK” said a member of the expert Council of VAK, doctor of historical Sciences Igor Kurukin: “We have decided that the fate of the current composition of the expert Council on history will be decided at the meeting on 30 October. It is clear that after the situation with his thesis Medina in the same composition the Council will not continue, however, at the last meeting, we should consider joining the thesis. We follow the development of events. Also important is the reaction of members of RAS and the scientific Council under the Ministry. Of course, their statements will have no legal force, but it was signed by many famous scientists, having a large weight in the scientific community”.

The opinion of academics — not all, but some of the members of the Presidium of the RAS — not long to wait. October 24 at the regular meeting of the Presidium of RAS the issue of the inadmissibility of silencing the Academy, “the works of Medina” raised academician Valery Rubakov (by the way, a member of the club “July 1”): “the System of certification of scientific workers is an important part of our lives. I think that RAS should evaluate past event, and the Bureau should think about the reformatting of the work of the WAC, which is heavily stalled”.

Too long for an answer did not have to wait. To assess the situation with the controversial thesis Medinsky has called the Deputy Minister of education Grigory Trubnikov, who is in charge of just the Higher attestation Commission (VAK) of the Ministry of education and science. By the way, simultaneously with his performance in the wounds, the position of the Ministry of education appeared on the website of the Department. So the official response was prepared in advance.

“The first thing I want to ask you, — said Trubnikov to the presidency — not to pay attention to provocations by the media and not quite the professional community. I wouldn’t say that if I were not familiar with certification. I saw all the papers. No violations in the work of the certification Commission was not. Applicants for the revision of the dissertation, I do not know, and that is the opinion of the presence at the meeting of the Commission, academician Alexander Chubaryan (he supported the thesis. — Ed.) are treated with respect. It seems to me that questioning work 7-10 years, we can create a not very good precedent, and to reach the point of absurdity”. Here the scholar cited the work of Lomonosov, which also could be find error. It is strange that in search of truth Trubnikov dug further, and compared the Minister of culture, for example, Galileo, who was convicted of the errors of the Catholic Church. Well at least the Deputy Minister agreed with Rubakova in terms of the need of reformatting the WAC.

President of RAS Alexander Sergeev noted the General dissatisfaction of the scientific community the upward trend in the dissertation councils in the country, which has already appeared about a hundred. Their expertise, many doubt and question the correctness of their decisions. “Russia must be saved in a single evaluation of scientific personnel, — said Sergeev. — Our system VAK was built in such a way that relied on methods of assessment by a qualified expert tips that differ from methods in other countries of the world.” After these words he proposed to discuss the structure of the HAC at the next meeting of the Bureau.

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