“Rehabilitated with the participation of the Central Bank, banks for 9 months showed a loss of 470 billion rubles

– Rehabilitated with the participation of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation banks for 9 months showed losses according to Russian accounting standards almost 470 billion rubles, according to financial results published on the website of the regulator.

So, net loss of the Bank “Discovery” amounted to 279,4 billion (in the third quarter, the loss amounted to nearly 285 billion rubles), included in its group of the Bank “trust” – of 72.9 billion roubles (the net loss for the third quarter of 57.5 billion rubles).

“The main causes of loss of the Bank “FC Opening” the cost of reserves, losses from operations with securities and to provide grant assistance to subsidiary – “Rosgosstrakh” . In the case of “Trust” causes of loss are the costs of formation of reserves on loans issued before the beginning of procedure of financial recovery of “Trust”, as well as the reserves of the securities portfolio”, – said the “Interfax” managing Director of Bank “Opening” Alexander Dmitriev.

The net loss of the Bank for January-September amounted to almost 32 billion rubles (in the third quarter of 33.2 billion rubles), a member of his group the growth of the Bank – 82.8 bln rubles (in the third quarter to 82.6 billion rubles).

At the end of September, the total profit of banks decreased to 675 billion from 997 billion rubles in January-August. The decline of the Central Bank is explained by the additional formation of reserves on problem assets of banking groups whose head offices are undergoing reorganization involving the Fund’s consolidation of the banking sector. We are talking about groups of OTKRITIE Bank and Binbank.

Profit banks in Russia by year-end 2017 could be closer to 1 trillion rubles, despite the losses of banks subject to rehabilitation, said the representatives of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. In 2016, the Russian banks have earned 930 billion rubles of profit.

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