Scientists: the shape of the ears depends women what she’s like in bed

The pleasure derived by women from intercourse, largely depends on how sexually attractive she perceives. To such conclusion the group of experts from Belgium. Thus, contrary to popular perception, the figure of the fair sex has on her self-esteem is not the key influence. According to scientists, a much greater role to play pleasant facial features, including eyes, lips and even ears.


The researchers interviewed more than a thousand women aged 18 to 80 years and asked them to take a survey on a five-point scale assessing a number of aspects of their physical attractiveness. Also the participants spoke about the level of his sexual desire, frequency of intercourse and degree of satisfaction with them.

As it turned out, the pleasure women receive from sex, depended on how attractive they considered themselves. It was found that the beauty of eyes, lips, and ears in this regard plays a much larger role than the form of the abdomen, hips and weight. However, for the participants was important that their bodies were “clean”, “soft”, “warm” and “expressive.” If the woman’s body was too “manly” or, paradoxically, “too feminine”, that they fully enjoy sex interfere.

Although the weight was not as significant a factor as you might expect, the experts noted that a role he played, the higher was the body mass index of participants, so, in General, was below the average of their confidence.

Least to the level of women’s self-esteem in this aspect influenced its growth and age, scientists say. Not too important there were also various factrory relating to the sexual partner — in particular, the degree of satisfaction with the relationship with him and the pleasure derived from sex themselves.

The researchers also say that frequent Masturbation has given women confidence during subsequent interactions with sexual partners.

The study was published in the journal sexologies is.

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