“Siluanov warned about the risks to the financial system due to low inflation

– The reduction of inflation in Russia creates risks for financial institutions, which in conditions of low rates needs to pay more attention to efficiency, said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, speaking at the forum “VTB Capital”.

He noted that against the background of slowing inflation, declining interest rates and rates on Federal loan bonds and the risk premiums on investments in Russia.

“In any case, we see mostly positive reactions to the decisions, the policies pursued by the monetary authorities. On the other hand, of course, lower inflation poses risks, especially for financial institutions, including banks. Because you have to pay more attention to efficiency, pay more attention to the managerial decisions in the financial sector”, – said Siluanov.

However, he noted that the decline in interest rates provides more opportunities for the economy in terms of raising resources, lending activity and investment.

For the past six weeks, the inflation in Russia holds at zero, two consecutive weeks were recorded deflation of 0.1% and 0.2%, respectively. However, cumulatively from the beginning of the month prices by 16 October increased by 0.1% (taking into account rounding) from the beginning of the year rose 1.7%.

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