“The Cambridge website crashed due to the influx of people wishing to read the dissertation Hawking

Website of Cambridge University, after it was on Sunday in the open access laid out doctoral thesis as physicist Stephen Hawking, dropped on Monday due to a too large influx of wanting to read a scientific paper. About this newspaper The Guardian.

In the open access work is posted in honor of the scientific events Open Access Week 2017. In Cambridge noted that this dissertation is one of the most popular works of the physicist. Only in the last few months the University has received hundreds of requests to make it available.

Fancy a bit of light reading? We’ve put #StephenHawking”s 1966 PhD thesis online to celebrate #openaccessweek https://t.co/bakmB4kRtl

— Cambridge University (@Cambridge_Uni) on 23 October 2017.

As reported, the research work in less than a day tried free download about 60 thousand people.

First familiarize yourself with the study of Hawking, entitled “properties of expanding Universes” (Properties of Expanding Universes), which he defended in 1966 at the age of 24, in the University library, or order a scanned copy for 65 pounds. At the University believe that Hawking this will inspire other scientists to free publications of their research.

Work physics consists of four chapters in which he talks about the significance and consequences of the expansion of the Universe and the theory of gravity. In the first he writes about how the expansion of the universe correlates with the theory of gravity Hoyle-Narlikar. The second part describes the perturbation of an expanding homogeneous and isotropic universe. A scientist comes to the conclusion, that the galaxy can appear due to small perturbations. In the third Chapter he considers the gravitational radiation in an expanding universe, in the final part the author explores the singularity in cosmological models.

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