The children will have the opportunity to shoot an animated film

Everyone who wants to know how looks modern animation, what cartoon “shoot” on a professional film festivals that are committed to telling the story of domestic and foreign filmmakers, and what is the difference between stamped “cartoons” from high art animation – you can satisfy your curiosity on XI Big animation festival, which starts in the capital on 27 October, the eve of the International day of animation.

“Mona Lisa descending the staircase”

As usual, the festival gathered all the best and prominent in the world of animation over the last year. Despite the impressive children’s program, the main “blow” selectors will have an adult audience.

Our festival was never childish, and the animation never was a child of art, – says program Director BFM Maria Tereshchenko. Rather, we have added to the author’s animation films for children. We show the movie to people – no matter what age they are. And this is, first and foremost, emotional cultural experience…

That is why the first meeting with the audience (age rating 18+) at the festival before its official opening. On October 26, “Театре.doc” the Director of the festival Dina Goder-lecture-show “Animation in the protection of human rights” under the code name “Resistance”.

In today’s animations have stories on problem areas where the violated human rights, where need protection: national and racial discrimination, sexism, homophobia, violated the rights of prisoners, rights of refugees, rights of children and the elderly and the General rights of every human in the face of police violence. And it’s not just about protest, but about educating those who do not know their rights or about the softening of manners through art — the birth of compassion, mercy, those who by their upbringing and way of life against others unlike them…

Another important event BFM – screening of the documentary “Center “Holland” in tel Aviv,” Israeli film guy and Netta DIMET. In the center of the plot – autobiographical story of a guy and Netty about how their young son was diagnosed with autism, and how difficult it was to accept that they are the parents of a special child. After the show viewers will meet with experts from Russia and Israel for the problems of adaptation of children with autism spectrum disorder.

Unusual program “Animate arts” composed specifically for the show in the cinema hall of the Tretyakov gallery. It consists of two parts, one for teenagers and for adults only, and demonstrates the diversity of forms of relationship of the Directors with the classic art. By the way, in the second block, in addition to foreign paintings, you can see the film debut of Yuri Norstein (together with Arkady Tyurin) to the 50th anniversary of the October revolution, “the 25th, the first day” and “the Long journey” by Andrei Khrzhanovsky, where the characters based on drawings by the great Federico Fellini. In one of the days of the festival Yuri will give a lecture “Handmade in animation”.

“Big bad Fox and other tales”

Fans of the strange and mysterious have to taste a whole program of psychedelic cartoons. Anyone who thinks the 90 years of the twentieth century disaster for the Russian cinema may be surprised to block the “Missed movies of the 90s”, where, incidentally, shows a tiny, at 3.5 minutes, the animated film “Gagarin”, for which young Director Alexey Kharitidi received the “Golden palm” in Cannes and was nominated for “Oscar”. There will be “critics darlings”, zakalennye prize-winners of various festivals and awards, in the “Winners”. By the way, this program along with another, “the Russian Prime Ministers”, in parallel with the Moscow sessions show in Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Kazan.

The international program will be unveiled a day later the French cartoon “Big bad Fox and other tales”. This is the second full-length work Benjamina Rennes, known to viewers of the film “Ernest and Celestine”. Done in the same charming pattern for a watercolor, “Big bad Fox” is a dynamic, filled with gags, chases, flying, dangerous confrontations and travel history.

In addition, children and their parents will gather traditional “the cartoon Factory” Cultural center “ZIL”. In its workshops, divided according to age of participants, within four days, you will not only look at the work of professional animators, but to try to remove their own cartoons in different techniques – popular computer and hand drawn, in rare technologies like freezelight, chalk animation and the animation of loose materials.

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