The cinema Fund will change: in the Wake of the move of Nikita Mikhalkov

In October, the presidential Administration held a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the movie, which summarized the results of its activities, starting in 2010. This year due to the significant changes of target indicators of efficiency of work of the organization, as well as expanding the list of support tools can be considered the year of “reboot” of the film Foundation as a full-fledged Institute of public assistance to development of domestic cinematography.


This has established an effective and transparent mechanism for the allocation of state aid – to make decisions on the allocation of funding for a particular film project of steel industry professionals, not officials. Today the compositions of the Scenario working group and Expert Council of Fund of cinema are determined on the basis of a wide survey of the film industry.

At the meeting of the cinema Fund, in particular, mentioned that the films produced with its support, each year they generate 90 percent of domestic movie box office receipts, and the share of Russian films in cinemas increased to 18 percent. During this time, the cinema Fund has supported more than 400 projects for a total amount of 28.3 billion rubles.

Some of them, like “Leviathan” and “Elena” by Andrei Zvyagintsev and Faust by Alexander Sokurov has received international recognition, having become winners of the Cannes and Venice festivals. In total over 200 projects received financial assistance to Fund the movie, already out in wide release, their total fees exceeded $ 36,2 billion rubles.

Thus, on each ruble allocated irrecoverable state support received more than 3 rubles at the box office.

In General, the year 2016 was the most successful in modern Russian history, the spectator of cinema. So, last year in Russian cinema Russian movies looked 35.2 million viewers. During this period, the screens out of 156 movies, which is two times more than in 2010.

In 2017 the domestic film industry continues to demonstrate ahead of the market growth that allows the end of the year to predict the figure to more than 40 million visits of domestic films. The share of Russian films in cinemas across the country is expected to cross the threshold of 20 percent.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees, the adviser of RF President on culture Vladimir Tolstoy said that the threat to the industry is the constant change of rules, especially in the process. He called in General the correct state policy in the field of national film industry which is implemented through the Fund. However, according to Vladimir Tolstoy, life changing, and in front of the cinema Fund is facing new challenges.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Fund said that over the past ten years, halved the number of teenagers attending cinemas. Today, the vast majority of moviegoers – people at the age of 30-35 years. And most of them are young families, so it is necessary to stimulate the emergence of domestic grossing films for that audience. However, Vladimir Tolstoy is confident that the Russian market should be development of different genres, not just Comedy and action, but also and author, and documentary films.

Thus, the statistics of the past years indicates the success of the cinema Fund, and the future is visible a serious prospect.

However, shortly before the meeting, the Director Nikita Mikhalkov withdrew from the Board of guardians of Fund of cinema, which was in 2009. He reported about it at session of Board of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. The rumour spread that his act will be discussed at the meeting of the Board of Trustees. However, nothing, in any case, in the presence of journalists, did not happen. Vladimir Tolstoy said that the Board of Trustees continues to work, despite the absence of Nikita Mikhalkov. But many still question is, what is behind the loud care of Nikita Mikhalkov?

The Director and the head of the Union of cinematographers of Russia (in December must undergo re-election on the Congress of sa) said: “I am leaving the Board, from the Board of Trustees because I feel irresponsible, I speak only from myself, and, unfortunately, irresponsible management of the Fund”.

Under the irresponsibility it implies the appearance of at one time two large and identical projects on the same topic. In addition, we are talking about movies that are “just nothing”, “mean something, but nobody knows what to do with them”. However, 10 of the 10 highest-grossing Russian films were created with the support of the cinema Fund, the POI including such hits national cinemas, as “Stalingrad”, “Viking”, “Crew”, “Gravity”, “the Legend №17”, “Viy 3D”, “Vysotsky. Thank God I’m alive”, “kiss”, the art and animation franchise “Christmas Tree”, “Three heroes”, “Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf” and other.

He did not like and the new composition of the Board of Trustees of the movie. Don’t like Nikita Mikhalkov, the position of the presidential adviser on culture Vladimir Tolstoy. The latter, from his point of view, too intelligent people who are unlikely to resist in the current situation: “the Money will be issued, will be issued a completely different set of rules than we should. Me personally it could not make” said the master. It is obvious that the state financing of the “main art”, the reasons for Nikita Mikhalkov to bring the story to a boiling point.

Offended by the government for nedofinansirovanie their projects do not seem to with his hands. On the contrary. But the “righteous” wonder why so much public money is spent on projects by other Directors – it is!

In government circles, but also in the cinematic coterie have long said that the reason for the move may be the struggle for proximity to the President. Nikita Mikhalkov and Vladimir Tolstoy figure, anyway absolutely uneven. Oscar-winning Director and a former Museum worker. The only problem is, as they say, untouchable we have. “If Mikhalkov will be some data then it will check. While they are not” – said Vladimir Putin. This phrase of the President announced during the informational noise around the Director Serebryannikov, many perceived quite clearly. Vladimir Putin is now not favourite Directors.

“MK” talked to colleagues “troublemaker” about the reasons for his action. Some of them were surprised at this decision of the master of domestic cinema. Others stressed that this is a personal matter Nikita Mikhalkov, and maybe he just doesn’t need to be a member of the cinema Fund.

Producer Sergey Selyanov:

– Can you explain why Nikita Mikhalkov is out of the Board of Trustees of the movie?

I do not know. Only heard that he is voiced. All of this was published. I figured out some additional things.

– Not interested?

Well, got out, and walked out. Something he did not like.

– And there is truth in the words of Nikita Mikhalkov about the activities of the cinema Fund? Maybe something really is not enough for full activity?

– Yes, just enough. The usual work issues. Mikhalkov’s words about the Fund – it’s just a solo.

Film Critic Anton Dolin:

– I don’t know why Mikhalkov withdrew from the Board of Trustees. I’m confused. Will have to ask him why he left. I never was in the Council I work in the expert Council of Fund of cinema.

– A suspicion that because of an ideological dispute with Vladimir Tolstoy…

– Well, it could be, but you have to ask it thick or Mikhalkov. I was not present at the same time, I do not know. Our tips do not intersect. People of the expert Council sit on pitching, read scripts, discuss different projects from Directors and producers, and vote — who to allocate the money, and who does not. Next is a vote going on which film is the most promising, some less promising. And then a rating is passed to the Board of Trustees, where he sat Mikhalkov and Ernst, Tolstoy, people from the Ministry of Finance and others. They decide who, when and how much to give, they have the money they distribute.

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