“The court in corruption case of ex-head of the economy Ministry of Kazakhstan will open

– A preliminary hearing in the case of the former Minister of national economy of Kazakhstan Kuandyk Bishimbayev will be held on October 31, said Tuesday the Agency “Interfax” in the court of Astana.

“The fact Bishimbayev taken into consideration. The Judge Adilkhan Shaikhislamov. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 31 October”, – said the employee of the press service of the court.

The hearing will be held in open court, added the Agency.

The first warrant for the arrest of the former Minister was issued on 12 January 2017. Since the arrest Bisembaeva extended seven times. 19 Oct 2017 business Bishimbayev was transferred to the court.

As reported by the anti-corruption service of Kazakhstan, the former head of the Ministry of economy is accused of stealing 1.2 billion tenge (336,05/$1) and repeated bribery.

According to the national Bureau for anti-corruption in the country, as Chairman of the Baiterek holding, created a criminal scheme of receiving bribes from construction companies for lobbying and involved his subordinates in this activity.

The former Minister is charged with 8 facts of bribery and one case of embezzlement of budget funds in the amount of 1.2 billion tenge. 7 bribes in the amount of 346 million tenge were obtained in the framework of the state program “Nurly Zhol” for the construction of rental housing.

Only in the case involved 23 people, including holding “Baiterek development”.

In addition, according to the investigation, the country received a bribe of $2 million through his brother Nurlanbekova, which is also involved currently to criminal liability.

According to the national Bureau, 20 of the 23 defendants fully admitted their guilt. He Bishimbayev, Nurlybek and the head of one of the construction companies do not recognize their guilt.

It is assumed that the embezzled funds Bishimbayev used for personal needs. According to the national Bureau, he built a country house in the village of Kosshy (near Astana), 500 square meters and cost about $400-500 thousand.

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